About Us

PixBuffer Software Inc. is based in Calgary, Canada, and has founders with over 15 years of expertise in software engineering. We love what we do and we believe in software that doesn't stand in your way or in other words, software that has at least three basic characteristics:

Easy to use yet powerful

User experience & understanding of your business.

Software can always be as complex as you want. What makes your application unique is a combination of good understanding of your business and how you expose the complexity to your users. People don't spend much effort designing user interfaces focusing on great user experience, this is a sad truth that happens on most projects and that is by itself one of the reasons why many software projects fail. Some products are just too hard to understand and to use, or they just have so many poorly implemented functionalities that makes the application not very useful.

We consider this essential and we do worry about your users and we do work hard to understand your business and needs.


Rock solid foundation + long term view.

One of the main reasons for the failure of a project is the lack of a solid foundation. It's not because you can use the software that it means that the application is good, software needs to be sustainable in the long term. And by sustainable we mean:

  • How easy the application is to be changed and extended?
  • Can you go from ten users to one thousand users without having to rewrite the application?
  • Can you offer at least 99.9% of uptime to your users?
  • Do you need to worry too much about the security of the data in your application?
  • Can you use your application for several weeks in a row without facing any obvious bugs?

Performance is a feature.

Performance affects the way you work and fast response times are becoming increasingly essential for the success of your product. This is now a feature, users are no longer willing to wait several seconds for an application to respond, they will just move to a competitor that gives them the experience they want. This is specially important for applications based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

At PixBuffer we are committed to deliver these three basic qualities to every project we deliver.

We believe in software that doesn't stand in your way.